Daily Om Writing Course Lesson 7 discusses our connections with others. If you keep count, yes. I am deliberately going out of order because I’m not particularly inspired by any of the topics between this one and the one I last wrote about.

Connections with others… I can’t say, either, that I’m a big fan of the writing prompt questions, so I won’t focus on those either. Instead, I offer up this:

I’ve been watching a series on Gaia Television, lately, called Missing Links with Gregg Braden (henceforth referred to as “GB”). I’m on the third season, which is about the divine matrix. It’s infinitely interesting, to me, and it’s quite literally blowing my mind. Not that this is a bad thing, mind you.

Last night, I watched the episode about relationship mirrors. I’m not sure I can adequately explain the concept, but many things jumped out at me.

We’ve all heard that nonsense that “what we see in others is what we have in ourselves.” You know… you attract drama, liars, and betrayal because you, yourself, possess those characteristics.

I have to say, I am really glad that GB called this out for the bullshit that it is. Basically, this started as a “self help” movement prior to anyone actually understanding what the relationship mirrors actually are. I mean, how many of us would never dream of doing some of the things that have been done to us? How is it fair to say we draw this shit to ourselves? This crap is cyclic, and we attract it not because we are those things, but because we have not taken steps to break/heal/change the cycles that present themselves over and over.

While that part absolutely interested me, it still is not the part that snatched me up by my nostrils.

The episode went on to discuss how, in our relationships, we can lose or give away parts of ourselves when we go through strife with a lack of consciousness. We do it to avoid drama or just to make someone else happy.

At some point, GB talked about those people we’ve all met, at some point, and we’ve been magnetically and unexplainably attracted to them. I’m not talking about those people who are simply pleasing to the eye. There’s somthing about them, and it simply can’t be explained, so why bother trying to put it into words?

GB says you should interact with these people. Even if it’s just to say, “hello… how’s your day?”

What’s important is to go into this interaction while asking yourself the following question:

“What is it that I see in this person or that I sense in this person that I’ve given away or had taken away from me by another person?”

These people and this question helps us to reclaim lost parts of ourselves.

Bare minimum… you see in them something you used to like about yourself and you go about the work of reclaiming that quality or characteristic. Ultimate maximum… this person becomes a wonderful friend or more. Who knows? Do you have to know? Maybe, too, this person displays things that you really don’t like about yourself, your life, your circumstances, or the people around you. Somehow, your interactions with people like this end up being the catalyst for you growing and/or changing.

I guess this grabbed me the way it did because this has happened to me recently. I met this person, and there was no questioning the fact that I NEEDED to interact with them. I think the universe has gotten to the point where it realizes the need to be blatantly obvious with me. “hey, fuckhead, PAY ATTENTION. This MATTERS,” so it sends a dude who is 99.99999% of what grabs my attention walking on into the ladies room. “hey… how’s it going?” OK, Universe. Time for me to get to work. I get it.

What I have noticed from my interactions with this person is that I am becoming curious about the world and people again. I noticed myself looking within myself more because this person carried an air of being self-possessed and centered. I used to have those qualities. Where had I lost/let go of/or misplaced them? How do I heal that? Was it ever truly gone? Or do I just need to let it out of the closet again? Oh… there it is. Let’s make sure to not lock that shit away again. It’s pretty damn important to have those things. It all adds up to something called PEACE. love it. live it. BE it, Dissy.

I love that I started thinking this way prior to my watching this episode of GB’s series. I mean, I love it now. At first, when I was thinking this way, it felt kind of selfish. Like, here I am mooching personal growth off of another human being, but, you know what? I’d wager that the pull felt by me was also felt by my new friend. I’ll bet there’s something to learn from me as well. Any relationship, be it spiritual, friendly, romantic, work-related, or something else, anyhow… they should be mutually beneficial. You just have to look within yourself to see what another soul has to offer.

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